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Our team of Nurse Practitioners perform physical examinations, diagnose and treat illnesses, order and interpret lab tests, provide patient education and counseling. We also prescribe and monitor medications, and call on many other home centered teams to help us give the best care for our patients including Hospice, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Labs, X-ray and others.

Our patients have consistent and preventive treatment of their multiple medical conditions rather the piecemeal of ER visits in crisis. Homebound patients, unable to travel to the doctor’s office will frequently go by ambulance to the emergency room for problems that may have been prevented if treated earlier. This is not only the most expensive medical treatment; it solves problems only for the moment. We intend to stop that cycle allowing patients to stay healthy where they live.

Caring House Calls (CHC) is a Medical House Call practice in South Carolina. CHC is designed to provide medical care for patients with limited mobility who find it difficult to get to the doctor’s office. Primary care medicine/Urgent Care is provided by Nurse Practitioners in collaboration with and under the supervision of a physician.

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