We are committed to providing you with the best services possible and have found that third-party payers, such as insurance companies, can potentially interfere with effective treatment and raise issues regarding confidentiality. For example, they may request medical records to further justify the need for therapy. Insurance companies can also limit the number of therapy sessions and will require a mental health diagnosis to be reimbursed. In some instances, therapy will be beneficial but there is not an appropriate diagnosis so reimbursement would be denied. While having a documented diagnosis should not affect obtaining insurance or changing providers, renewing a life insurance policy may be affected as a diagnosis would be considered a preexisting condition.

Services Provided

Individual Therapy

Adolescent/Child Therapy

Family Therapy

Treatment Specialties

Anxiety, Stress, Depression, & Low Self-esteem, etc.

Family Conflicts

Behavioral Problems, ADHD, Adjustment Disorders, Coping with Divorce, etc.

LGBT Depression & Anxiety

Psychosocial Problems Related to a Physical Illness

Bereavement & Trauma

Standard Sessions

  • In-Office Session $65
  • Telehealth Session $65

    Sliding scales are available. Call 1-888-918-2415 for more information.

Standard Packages

Fees for new clients include 2 additional sessions for assessment and planning. Each package increases by 2 appointments that 4 sessions standard package fee covers 6 appointments.

$100 deposit required. Second payment is due after the assessment feedback.

  • Four Sessions $230
  • Seven Sessions $410
  • Ten Sessions $590

Monthly Online Counseling Subscription

Subscriptions include 24/7 secure messaging between sessions, two check-in phone calls each month, and a weekly counseling session.

$100 deposit required. Full  payment is due at the second session.

  • Standard Counseling $200/month
  • Premium Counseling $250/month
  • Four Trauma Therapy $350/month
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